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The aspiration for Viss is to create a fashionable sharing platform for peoples to share their unique and personal style, so that everyone can enjoy other fashion people’s styles around the world.
When you are ready to share, please follow these guidelines, and you'll be able to share your cool pictures in a more fashionable and stylish way!

1. Like all fashion magazines around the world, as a part of your personal photos (Snap Shot), you can show your fashionable style perfectly like a super model, so we encourage you to share your full or half photos, and facing the camera at front is the key, 7:3 face golden angle shooting is also charming.

2. Upload photos is just the first step for sharing, do remember hash tag # what's the brands you are wearing, and this will be a complete sharing for everyone to know how fashionable you are!

3. We also welcome you to share your makeup photos, keep in mind that hash tag to gives others beautiful people knows what kind of lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner, mascara......that you are using. Unless you are confident like‘Paris Hilton’, otherwise‘no make up‘ pictures is not allowed and not fashionable, darling!

4. We prefer to see your personal style, therefore it is not acceptable to share "group photos, product shot and food photos etc". Also not allowed to share your romantic photos with your boy/girlfriend's, friends gathering photo and warm family photo. it is not allowed and not personal style!

5. All photographs must be‘clean and clear’! It is also so important that your picture quality and clothes needs to be seen clearly. If the photographs is out of focus or too much over-editing with special effects, it is not allowed and not trendy at all.

6 .We would like to see a wide range different stylish of yours, therefore if you share the same style more than once, or the same photo twice, it is not allowed and really not cool!

7. Do only share your personal‘ stylish look‘. Photos do not belong to you, especially infringe the copyrights of others people's photo, it is not allowed and so old-fashion, okay?

8. We do accept you to share different style of yours, whether it is the unique styling of your choice, or a type of healthy sexy swimsuit photos like Victoria's Secret angels, but any pornography, nudity photos must NOT be allowed to share!

9. Advertising is not allowed.

If any Viss user does not comply with or violate our guidelines, Viss had the rights to delete the picture, or ban the user login account on the website or mobile application without any advance notice to the member.

Viss have the final decision in any case.

For enquiry:info@viss.me